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Nigerian men seem to be gaining popularity and accolades in terms of how well they treat women, most especially foreign women. It’s either they are described as people who are good lovers or lavish spenders. Joining the league of women who share this belief is Kenyan beauty entrepreneur and socialite popularly known as Huddah Monroe. According to the controversial celeb, majority of women make their moneys off Nigerian men. Taking to Snapchat, she revealed that majority of the men she’s dated all her life are Nigerian men. According to her, despite how people hate on these Nigerian men, the truth still remains that most of the ‘hoes’ love them. She wrote: ”Just realized all my life the men I’ve dated 99% are NIGERIANS… I am addicted to BAD boys … we all like to hate on them but we love how they hit on you with no apologies, as promiscuous as they are. You hoes love them .

”99% of hoes have I made their money from Nigerians. These instagram models are all running around with Naija BOYz . Let’s for once put some RESPEK On our brothers and their name . They have saved lives . MOINIPt. Women claim Nigerian men do this and that to women. Apparently they take their luck . LMFAO! Sleeping with a man that your not Married to is SEXUAL sin and it has its consequences whether he Is doing Juju or Fufu on u . Just close your legs and Wait till marriage. Case closed 7.” It appears Nigerian men seem to have a way with winning hearts when it comes to relationships. A while ago, NAIJ.com reported the news of how a Ghanaian lady took to social media to praise Nigerian men. Identified as Zipporah, she recently gave several Nigerian men reasons to smile after she took to the Twitter platform to call out Nigerian ladies who are fond of using derogatory words to describe Nigerian men with the popular one being ‘men are scum’.
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