C.E.O, Sound engineer and multiple talented instrumentalist Mr. Emmanuel Kwaku Sarfo known as Apostle Sarfo of Eagle Wings Production, has generally caution all Instrumentalist across the country most especially the Kumasi based players to sit up their game, speaking to some key stake holders in the industry, Mr. Sarfo who is mostly known in the industry with his undisputed gift of drumming talent and with his latest hit trending song Jesus by Manyab, stated this in an interview, he said it is a shame for him to see that in this 21st century a professional and talented Instrumentalist will rehearse and play a gig for as low and cheap as 20gh, what a shame, I have been in the industry for more 15years and have worked with top guru’s both engineers, musicians, instrumentalists and producers but none have I seen talking about this issue. Playing instruments is a great profession looking at the likes of Steve Wonder, now leading key mayor instruments make part of in the industry.
No artist can do without an instrumentalist and from this view there is no occasion without music but when the need for playing live arises there comes in the instrumentalist. Instrumentalists are needed when playing for parties, weddings, funerals and church events. Well I am not to say but instrumentalist have degraded themselves to be taken too low.
My advice to my co-instrumentalists both professionals players and learners is that playing of instruments isn’t and shouldn’t be a hobby but must look at it as a future career and beneficial profession and give it fall concentration, they must learn and acquire more skills and knowledge to it but on a more serious note They should work on their brand and make it look attractive and also respect what the industry have. Instrumentalist plays a major role and gives more to society, it is an avenue that gives employments too. Well so it shouldn’t look or sound like being an instrumentalist is not a professor. Well legends are made of out of playing sets of instruments.

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