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‘It is a miscalculated bravery when you try to flatulate in public whiles having diarrhea’-African proverb And again don’t forget that a man who swallows a whole coconut has complete faith in his anus. Hypocrisy at its best. After miscalculating and misfiring as result of releasing “Make I Shine” in response to Kaakie’s Sankwas (which was not aimed at you anyway) hoping it will catapult your artiste, Richie as usual is now making a hypocritical U-Turn to say Lynx won’t waste time responding to Kaakie’s diss.

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Like seriously? What we always know is how you release your shadow bloggers online to create non-existent hype for your artiste. Honestly it’s clear you don’t have what it takes to respond to “Time Up” when your fans called for it so to save face and not to be secen as chickening out you have come out with hype seeking, sparing and shadow boxing. The truth is you’ve only “flop and sink” deeper even as you try to push further realizing your first attempt was a disaster. Your artiste is not bigger than any female dancehall act in Ghana. Please give us break and go back into your dreams awaiting Rihanna to diss your act.



Instead of desperately trying to appease your fans due to your failure to satisfy them by playing cheap ampe why not go back to the studio like you said and work on the half-baked songs you churned out in the name of dancehall. The truth is Kaakie’s comeback and subsequent hit songs sent you reeling, thinking and digging deeper. And we all know if you dig deep you get dirty. No wonder you want to play dirty. LOL

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