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Ghanaian Music Producer Sets Record In Sierra Leone – @GeorgeOtion


One Tweneffour Kisi George, better known in the music industry as O’tion Release Da Beat has set a record in Sierra Leone by breaking the Judgement Board with 110% with a song he produced for Dallas Bantan on Air Radio, one of the finest Sierra Leone radio station.

We all know George O’tion, the producer behind the high life tune ‘Good Mood’ by the sensational singers Dobble. About three months ago, he O’tion produced a song titled ‘Dance For Me’ for one Sierra Leone celebrity called Dallas Bantan. Right after the release, the song has emerged into the societies in Sierra Leone which voted it to number one on a Radio Show Called Judgement Board in Sierra Leone.

Creativity is at its best. Let’s congratulate O’tion with his good work done. Contact George O’tion on the following media for your works. Facebook: George O’tion Twitter: @GeorgeOtion

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