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Ghanainan Hiplife artiste K2 turned gospel musician

Ghanaian Hiplife artiste, Papa Nico popularly known as K2 has switched totally from doing secular music to being a full time gospel artiste after doing a hiplife song, Juliana featured Buk Bak.

In setting the tone for this development, K2 is set to release his brand new gospel song from Eagle wings Production Studio.

I have always been a gospel artiste with my music but i was beating about the bush with the original intent. We are called by God in marriage and we are to reflect the light unto others. So when people sing love songs they are equally singing the gospel of Christ…but then we all know how the devil will always twist things. He (Satan) has succeeded in making it more emotional and adrenalin driven rather than the agape which is a decision to stay in love.

This is a clear example of peter going after fishes whiles he was born to be a fisher of men. I tell you, many are in the kingdom of God who do not allow God to lead. They are about their future ambitions, even some pastors are preaching messages that will suit them and the congregation and not God. So we have to be careful. Its time to open wide our arms and send the gospel not to the churches but to the world. That is why Christ came.

Source: eagle wingsgh

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