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Are guys obligated to love you back?

As women due to cultural or religious beliefs, we are just recently learning how to express our feelings to the men we like and more often than not, we tend to feel entitled towards men’s love, thinking that since we mustered enough courage to ask them out, they are obligated to say yes.

But the bitter truth remains, no one is obligated to love us back, no matter how badly we love them. People have their wants, needs, and desires and we might not be the ones they want but that’s okay.

We need to stop expecting a positive answer anytime we express ourselves. We have to understand that guys face the same fears of rejection we do and we reject most of them and we get mad when they refuse to come to terms with the rejection.

Being a good, kind, or smart woman is not a guarantee that you must be accepted. You can’t force people to love you, no matter how much hard you try.

You need to stop expecting a pat on the back for asking a guy out or telling him how you feel. I know that society has made this hard for us, but it’s time we unlearn that

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