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Contrary to popular belief amongst fans and some movie actors/actresses, being light-skinned or mixed-raced doesn’t guarantee one movie roles. Actress Juliet Ibrahim tells thisdaylive.com that her complexion doesn’t mean she gets favours.

“No. No, I don’t think so. Because of my complexion, I’ve suffered a lot.If I have a role to play, say the lead character’s parents are black, they’ll tell me because I’m mixed race, I can’t play the role, I have to play the friend of the lead character and they’ll bring a dark-skinned girl to play the same role.” S

he adds: “What people refuse to see is that when you’re mixed race you don’t have everything come easy to you.” Ibrahim’s third self-produced project, a TV seriesEvery Woman Has A Story is set for release later this year. One of her future dreams, she says is to be listed on Forbes list of most influential women,

“I want to be on that Oprah Winfrey level”. What do think of this? Can she really be influential like Oprah? Your comments are welcome!

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