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In this book, Stacy Amewoyi tells her riveting true life story. Born into abject poverty, she transforms herself from a poor orphan to a well accomplished philanthropist and entrepreneur. She tells of her deep faith in God, her experiences and her sheer determination to be all that God wants her to be. In this adventurous and exciting memoir, the reader of this book will be empowered with the knowledge that their dreams can also come true, no matter the obstacles that life throws at them. STACY AMEWOYI is a Ghanaian-born entrepreneur and philanthropist. She is based in the United States of America. She grew up as an orphan, but through her perseverance and deep faith in God, she established herself as a change agent in her community. She is the Founder and President of “The Stacy Foundation” which is a non-profit organization that has greatly impacted the lives of many orphans, widows and the less privileged. The Foundation continues its work in transforming the lives of the downtrodden. She also owns “The Anaya School Complex” which is a training center that offers free training in cosmetology to the poor to empower them financially. Stacy Amewoyi is also the owner of the New York Fashion Boutique, which is a retail store that deals in high-end apparel and footwear. She lives in New Jersey with her family.

THERESA LARYEA is an ordained minister and an architect by training. She is also a revivalist, a psalmist, and a conference speaker. Theresa is also an author of two books entitled HANNAH’S SONG and HOTLINE TO HEAVEN. She is the President of Theresa Laryea Ministries and the CEO of Life Authors Publishing LLC. She specializes in helping Christian leaders to actualize their literary visions and has helped many pastors to transform their sermons into books. She lives in Arkansas with her family.

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