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I knew Sarkodie will sign Strongman to SarkcessMusic – Richkid Gh

Richkid Gh (C.E.O of Richkid Empire Music)

Richkid Gh is an Upcoming Afro Pop/ Hip Hop Singer from his own Record Label (Richkid Empire Music).


He has made lots of successful Hit Songs like “#Tinini_Tonono” , “#Shisha (Ekiki Mi Cover)” , “Badman” . and now trending song, “#Kelewa”(New Dance In Africa).

He has been always a good and a close friend to StrongMan and always shares his tracks,Messages, Articles to his websites (www.richkidempiremusic.blogspot.com) as been a blogger too.

Most of his friends call him Mr. Promoter as he can easily make your songs a hit instantly and to which he has been contributing a lot in helping his brother Strongman making hits on his songs released.

After Strongman released his Refix version of #RNS which was originally created by Sarkodie, Richkid Gh made some twitter posts saying:

Richkid Gh Twitter Handle: @realrichkidgh:

“My bro @StrongmanBurner, with this track #RNS @Sarkodie must really sign you and make you part of #SarkcessMusic.”

“@StrongmanBurner is the replace of @Sarkodie and it is to him he will pass the torch on soon.”

“@Strongman’s name contains 9 words and@Sarkodie contains 8 words and this proves he is the next King”

These proves really showed that Richkid Gh knew or probably had a good thought and correct Prediction about this great news to the Camp of Strong Empire.


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