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Kuami Eugene admits he is single and ready to mingle if…

Ghanaian musician Kuami Eugene has said he is single but is in no rush for a new relationship following a bitter break with his ex.

After suffering and probably recovering from a devastating heartbreak, Ghanaian songwriter and singer Kuami Eugene has opened up about a possible new relationship.

Well, he is in no rush for a new one, just to clarify, but he’ll go all out for it if he finds the right person.

My previous relationship didn’t go down well, so I don’t want to run into a relationship now, but if I meet the right person and we click why not, for now, I’m single and waiting for the right lady”, the “Angela” hitmaker told Lark TV in an interview.

It has been rumoured that he was jilted by his ex-lover, Han Okhui, who he is alleged to have dated for about three months.

Okhui is said to be half Korean half Ghanaian and a finalist of 2017 Miss Malaika competition.

source: tillylive.com

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