Kwaw Kese reacts to Anas’ judicial corruption expose

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Rapper Kwaw Kese who was put behind bars for smoking a substance suspected to be “weed” in public has reacted to the ongoing Anas Judicial Corruption expose.

The rapper who is currently warming Ghanaians up for his “Haters” single which features Stonebwoy told Akosua Hanson on YFM’s RyseNShyne; “This story will change the way our judicial system work. It will make it better. They are lawyers and know the law but I think it’s a democratic process and this will go a long way to shape the future of the country.” Touching on his recent problems with the courts in Kumasi, Kwaw said he suspects, someone wanted to show him his might and so locked him up.

“In this country, when people have power they use it to bully others but who knows may be someone wanted to show me where power lies. I don’t want to mention names but people know what went down when I was incarcerated. At the end of day, I’m here trying to transform our prisons and make it a better place for inmates to reform.”

Kwaw Kese with his foundation now has a twenty year plan to better facilities for inmates in Ghanaian prisons. “We have a twenty year plan that Kwaw Kese Foundation came out with and the entire plan is to transform our prisons into better facilities for inmates. “The other day someone said instead of working in the health sector and others I’m rather focusing on prisons; but I have my right to choose and I have been to this places and I know they need help. “If you go to Nsawam, there are three thousand and over people who just don’t do anything for Ghana and government pays each one of them one cedi eighty pesewas every day.

What about putting these three thousand people into work to benefit their families, the country, the prison service and themselves. That’s why we drew the twenty year plan. “We are going to open 15 industries in the prisons. From block molding, chalk making, soap making to book making so the in mates can be put to work. “Outside Ghana, prisoners are used for production and labor work and that’s how we are also aiming to channel their energies into productive stuff.

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