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The up and coming Artistes namely SkuulBoyz was on Price 107.3 FM Drive Time nickname Kwantenpondo on Oseikrom airwaves hosted by ‘Dayan Baako Pe’ , the only Female Drive Time host in the Garden City on Thursday, 8/12/14 @ 4:00pm.

They were on the show to commence a week long studio appearance on various Kumasi based hit Radio stations in promoting their recently released ‘Ye Hiti’ highlife/hip life piece.

The studio interview was a class of perfection as the Host DAYAN thrilled them with interesting questions.

Dayan: Why the group is delayed in trending music?

Skuulboyz: Due to lack of funds to push the brand and our musical work forward. Even radio presenters demand something before letting you on their show for what they say after being a star and they call for interview the artiste bruf over. And also take payo before playing the tracks for publicity making the brand underground.

Dayan: How more are you into music ?

Everyone has his/her work as talent he/she deem possible, even though we are into business. Until sometime doing music our fans advice us to real focus on the music and get things straight and  get the full benefits of it. But we do music for our uncountable fans out there because we love them and music.

Dayan: What is the current trending track of you guys?

SkuulBoyz: Our current trending track is ‘Ye Hiti’ and KronKron. We are done with the video of Yɛ Hiti and it’s trending on YouTube, UTV, Katanka TV, Facebook and many Ghanaian music online platform including ,, others and our Facebook page.

Dayan: From Price Kwantenpondo where next ?

SkuulBoyz: We will be passing through on Luv 99.5 FM , Ashh 101.1FM, Hello 101.5FM, Solid 103.7FM, Metro 94.1FM and Kessben 93.3 FM through the week, so our loving fans in Kumasi and beyond should watch out. #SkuulBoyz #YɛHiti2015 and there’s an award coming on 26/12/15 in Central Region and we have been nominated. So fans should check our stuff on Facebook[email protected]. Thank you.

Dayan: Finally SkuulBoyz?

SkuulBoyz: Finally we say, SkuulBoyz are in town, Oseikrom  to promote our new trending track ‘Yɛ Hiti’ . And you for know, Oseikrom; Fufuo is 24/7. Thanks to our Executive and Brand Manager Nana Kwadwo Marfo of Price FM Marketing Manager and Abaawa Radio- UK, Country Sales Manager, and Dr. Ray Beat for the quality sound and mixing and to Talent House Records.

Watch Skullboyz Y3 Hiti Video Below

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