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Miss independence: Davido’s babymama, Sophia Momodu launches clothing line

Instead of resorting to dependence on Davido for her daughter’s everyday need and even hers, Sophia Momodu has taken a bold step to launch a personal clothing line that would generate her good income to care for herself.

Babymamas are in the habit of sorely depending on their baby daddies for their kids’ welfare. Even Sophia Momodu belonged to that category at some point. As it now seems, she has seen the need to stand for herself and not beckon on her baby daddy for their daughter’s everyday need, hence her decision to launch her personal clothing line.

The launching party had Tiwa Savage in attendance who went there to show support for a fellow babymama. It can be said that Tiwa Savage is one of those who tops the list of rich and independent celebrity babymamas in Nigeria. So Sophia Momodu couldn’t just help gracing her launching party with Tiwa’s presence. Thankfully, Tiwa honored her I.V.

Appreciating Tiwa Savage for coming to her launching party, Sophia Momodu shared a photo of Tiwa and her together on IG and tagged it: “Thank you so much for supporting me @tiwasavage I love you! Women supporting women.”

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