Nigerian Lady Marries For The First Time At 60

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Sarah and Husband

At 60 many would have lost hope that she will die unmarried but in a twist of fate she met her dream man and they are now married

For 30 years Sarah waited for love. She was never married nor have any child. She is starting her own family at 60. Sarah met her husband in 2014 and after two years of courtship he popped the question in 2016 and here in 2017 they are married.

According to an Instagram user bridesnmoreikeja who prepared her for her wedding:
“60 years old and a first time brideas in she’s never been married!…..Dang!!..she looks good at 60!!….#goodgenes..#healthyliving…I remember the first time we met and she told me her age…I was like #hollymolly!!! #abasi mbok…..#unbelieveable……she went on to tell me how shes been waiting for ‘mr right’ since when she was in her 30’s and he never came. And so two years ago, he finally appearedand proposed in 2016…..#God is good…#delayisnotdenial

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