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ofori amponsahPastor Ofori Amponsah, the leader and founder of Family of Faith and Love Ministries, a Christian church in Accra, on Sunday mounted a public platform in Kumasi to promote the sale and consumption of Kasapreko Alomo Bitters, a popular alcoholic herbal drink.

Ofori Amponsah, a popular hiplife artiste who said he had become a pastor but recently released a secular hiplife tune, ‘Alewa’, which glorifies erotic love and actually endorses fornication, entertained music lovers and merry-makers who had thronged the Sweet Pub in Kumasi-Danyame for the Kasapreko ‘Alomo Sankwan’ activation campaign to get the drink closer to the consumer.

Ofori Amponsah was on stage for about 30 minutes singing his heart out to entertain the hundreds of patrons who were at the event to patronise and learn more about Alomo.

Pastor Amponsah was performing at the Alomo bash on a Sunday while some of his fellow pastors were attending to their Christian flock. Interestingly, he had promised never to perform secular songs again because of his new calling as a ‘Christian Pastor’.

Alomo is popular in Ghana and several other countries for its aphrodisiac qualities and is also believed to cleanse the bowel, relieve body pains, help ease menstrual cramps in women and contains anti malaria properties.

The event, strictly for persons above age 18, was dubbed ‘Alomo Sankwan’, a name derived from the local Akan word ‘Sankwan’ which means taking in soup.

Aside the music performances, there were also professional comedians, dancers, acrobats and choreographers to entertain patrons.

There was also an interactive segment where patrons and guests at the event competed among themselves and winners took home handsome prizes including a phone, various cash amounts, a pressing iron and several Kasapreko-branded souvenirs.

MC for the event, Abeiku Santana, explained that the event was to offer residents an opportunity to have fun and learn more about Kasapreko Alomo Bitters.

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