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Rapper, Joe Frazier Makes A Comeback With ‘Mee Koti Asore’

joe frazier

Ghana’s Music industry is set  to witness a revolution in the coming days as Ace rapper, Joe Frazier, is set to release a dope tune to rock the nation

Known in real life as Andrews Agen, the Kumasi – based rapper says, he is out take over from where he left off, after going silent for over 5 years

“I have been around, trying to put words together, to make my esteemed fans happy. I have also been helping other upcoming talents in the game, get the needed lime lite”, Frazier said in an interview

Joe Frazier, who has in time past, dropped hit tracks like, ‘Maame, Adɔfo, Atanfo, etc, & is considered KING OF COMIC RAP, is dropping ‘Me Kɔti Asɔre’, literally meaning, Am Going To Form A Church

With this title, many are wondering whether Joe Frazier is switching to Gospel music

Well, your guess is as good as mine

His latest track was produced by Harpsi

Stay tuned for more…….

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