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On Joyfm’s Home Affairs Programme on Saturday, three girls, in a bare it all interview, told of how they got introduced into lesbianism in the most shocking ways.The girls – Becky, Aisha and Jessie – revealed they started at very tender ages, wish they never went into lesbianism, and say they regret ever engaging in the practice because they now find it difficult to stop.
Becky was eight when she and her friend walked in on her mother and aunt [family friend] making out in their house.

Her mother and aunt did not notice her presence and she said nothing about it to anyone, but the two children just assumed that was the way to go.

 The two families spent a lot of time together, although they did not live in the same home, so Becky and her friend “started practising it,” she said. “I saw my mom doing it, so i thought it was right,” she told host of the programme, Edem Knight-Tay.

Becky and her friend were together for five years until she moved out of the neighbourhood. The relationship ended then because both girls could not keep in touch.

The all girls school she attended for her junior high school education did not help matters either, she said.

“When I went to JHS a friend came and said I love you. She bought gifts for me, spent her money on me, so I started another relationship with her,” Becky said.

She never mentioned any of these relationships to her mother, but the school authorities found out, called a meeting and warned the girls to stop.

But that didn’t deter them. She went on with her relationship until she graduated from junior high school.

Becky’s friend reported her to her mother. She was called and cautioned, “she told me to stop because it was not good.”

But she did not because she could not.

Becky is one of the three girls who were in the studio to tell about their lesbian life, how they got introduced and why they would not want anyone else to engage in the practice.

Aisha the second of the girls, was gang raped in the Muslim community she lived in. She said the experience instead of drawing her to boys – as normally happens when girls are raped – the opposite happened. She fell for girls rather.

On the eve of her birthday, her close friend – a boy – under the pretence of giving her a birthday gift, lured her to his room where he and four other boys raped her.

Aisha said she was traumatized, she tried committing suicide many times by drinking bleach, cutting herself, amongst others.

“I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t do anything,” she said.

She said after the incident, she hated boys, wanted nothing to do with them and it was in senior high school that she was introduced to lesbianism by her senior.

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