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“Stay sexy for daddy” – Wizkid tells Tiwa life on stage: fans get disturbed

Random reactions couldn’t help coming from random sections of the airspace following the little adult rated drama that occurred between the international Starboy and Tiwa Savage at the Starboy’s 02 Arena concert.

The audience was beyond baffled when the 27-year-old Wiz got on stage and called on the 38-year-old mom of one, Tiwa Savage to join her on stage, referring to her as “babe” and telling her to stay sexy for himself which he referred to as “Daddy.” Fans have since been like; “how can Wizkid be telling a lady who’s 11 years older to stay sexy for daddy?”

In what seemed like an order, Wizkid, upon getting to the stage, told Tiwa Savage to stay sexy for daddy after telling her to that all she ever has to do in this life is to “stay sexy.” In his exact words; “Stay sexy babe. Stay sexy that’s all you need to do. Stay sexy for Daddy.” It is very obvious that Wizkid is getting his own fair share of Tiwa Savage’s Cookie.

It, however, didn’t end there, as Tiwa Savage had a reply for Wizkid. Just like a sex slave would respond to a dominant partner, Tiwa tenderly replied saying; “Starboy.” Many fans have been disturbed over this development.

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