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Stigmatization: Nigerian man calls Teni a “disgusting” person – Twitter goes gaga

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to stigmatize Nigerian singing sensation, Teniola Apata aka Teni over her looks. Recall that music Critic, Osagz had mentioned that the same Teni is not fit to be a singer because she is ugly???

Well, a certain Nigerian guy seems to be confirming Osagz opinion, even though many Nigerians were against Osagz for making such statement. But without considering what might be the outcome of his declaration, a Nigerian Twitter user with the moniker @TolaOAdeoye blatantly called out Teni, referring to her as being “disgusting.” He tweeted:

“Any guy that has an attraction to Teni is disgusting. I like her music and I think she’s a good musician. But she has a negative sex appeal. Teni used to be very beautiful when she was younger. If she can only lose weight and be more feminine, she will be a damsel. If we ever happen to be naked in the same room, God knows I won’t have an erection.”

He went ahead to further express his disgust for Teni and other girls like her, referring to them as not being fit for marriage at all. He wrote: “Okay you try to be fat and tomboyish and let’s see if you’ll see a sensible husband to marry.”

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