Vlisco launches Connoisseur of Style Day in Ghana

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Leading textile manufacturer Vlisco will launch the first Connoisseur of Style Day aimed at protecting and educating consumers in differentiating an original genuine African print from a counterfeit one. The Day is an extension of an ongoing anti-counterfeit campaign which Vlisco launched in 2013 to put consumers in a position that they are confident they are purchasing an original Vlisco fabric which has gone through multiple processes to deliver premium quality to their customers worldwide.

Mr Stephen Badu, Marketing Director for Vlisco said, “Fake fabrics make up about 60% of all textiles sold in Ghana today because counterfeiters have gone to great lengths to replicate authentic fabrics which makes it difficult for consumers to identify real from fake Vlisco.

The only way consumers will know is after they have spent their money and bought the fabric before experiencing the vastly inferior quality of the fake fabric.” “We at Vlisco have launched this day to educate consumers so that they will be empowered to make an informed decision when making that all important purchase,” he added.

Connoisseur of Style Day will take place at the Vlisco shop in the Accra Mall and West Hills Mall and during the course of the day consumers will experience the following:

1) Bring their Vlisco fabrics for authentication

(2) Learn the 4 key steps to expertly identify genuine fabrics

(3) Enjoy free give-aways

(4) Receive list of approved retailers where they can purchase authentic fabrics

(5) Become a True Connoisseur of Style who is someone who dares to be original, values authenticity and knows how to identify the only true original Wax Hollandais, Vlisco Since 1846, Vlisco has created unique textiles influencing the fashion landscape in West and Central Africa.

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