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mobile-money-626x379First of all i will like anyone reading this that i have being a very loyal customer to MTN Ghana for more than 5 years now and everything i write in this post is nothing but the truth.


I have being using  MTN Ghana service for as long as i started using mobile phone, my main reason for using it was because most of my friends were using and also their fast internet. It Just recently that MTN Ghana introduced its mobile banking serviced called mobile money and most of we Ghanains  embraced it with happiness because of its easy availability and comfort, because of this i also registered to this service ad have being making a lot of transactions since then.


On Sunday, 4th February 2016, my SIM card suddenly prompt on my phone “SIM not Provisioned”, in my understanding i knew my SIM card has develop a fault and i decided to go and replace it the next day since that day was a non working day,  the nest day after i have gone to the office to replace my SIM i wanted to withdraw money from my Mobile money account but i couldn’t; anytime time i entered my PIN code i had error so i went back to reset my PIN, after the PIN reset to my biggest shock my account which was above GHC 600  was left with less than GHC 50 in my account. After investigation at the office i was told some one had used MTN Self Service to replace my SIM card and cashed GHC 510 from my account.  After almost an hour at the office, the conclusion was they have forwarded it and the issue is being investigated, from that date 5th February 2016 up till now there has not being a single call from mtn or their staff so i left everything to God. See  the image below for the facebook conversation between i and mtn office staff.



On 28th March 2016 which happens to be a public holiday, around 2 pm i got an SMS that  ” Your Request for SIM change MSISDN has being logged successfully” and that was it! my sim wasn’t working again, i was quick enough to call the all mtn call center and requested them to block my Mobile money account; the first representative that i talked to was so rude that i even insulted him and hanged the call, lucky enough i called again and the representative who picked the call this time asked me some series of questions concerning my number and after that he blocked my mobile money account and advised me to go to the office the next day with my ID card to reset my PIN.

The next day which is today 29th march 2016, i went to the office and explained everything including what happened the previous month to the representative, all what he told me was someone or me used Self service to register a new SIM with my number (which i have no idea). As for this time my mobile money was intact since i was quick enough to call the office the previous day to have my account blocked.


In less than 10 hours from the prior incident, my SIM card was hacked again and when i looked into my phone sms i could see the same type of message ” Your Request for SIM change MSISDN has being logged successfully” . OMG AGAIN i shouted, after calling the office i was shocked to hear  that almost GHC 170 has being withdrawn from my account before i could even block my account.


I am very sure that i am not the only victim in this, and i know for sure that someone from the inside of MTN mobile money department is stealing people money or MTN security system is so poor that attackers have being able to hack into their network and stealing people money.

My advice to my fellow subscribers is that they should take my experience as a lesson, as of me early tomorrow morning i am going to the office again to replace my SIM card and cash out any amount in my  account and i want even leave a penny! since the phone number is my property, straight from there i am going to another mobile telecommunication of my choice and Port my number away from MTN ghana.

I hope you have taken my sad experience as a warning so kindly be wise, if you have any bad experience like mine, just help us to save others by dropping your comment below.

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