Without Bloggers Ghanaian Music Industry Have No Future And We Need To Be Respected

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The Ghanaian Music Industry keeps on growing day in and day out which is a great credit to all the showbiz personnels and also to the Ghana music association (MUSIGA) and all DJs contributing to this great success.Bloggers strongly play a major role as music is concerned, but most of the young and upcoming artistes don’t really know what bloggers do. They do not value our great contribution in making them great stars and music icons in the world.

The fastest way to make your music travel to the world is by blogging and article writing, and these are some of the hot works bloggers do, but most artistes have not taken that into consideration and they do not value it.

They rate at which artistes value their sound recordings works, but don’t value bloggers works its very bad. They choose to pay any amount to bloggers, thinking the bloggers work is not valuable. Most of Ghanaian artistes still remain underground because they take the bloggers job for fun.

Music is dynamic, and it’s time for Ghanaian artistes to value what bloggers do for them, Those that really suffer the most for an artist to reign or hit are the “bloggers”, young artistes should take note. Ghanaian artistes should understand the fact that blogging is also a business on it own as compared to the studio recording they pay for, but as for bloggers they refuse to pay. One of the bad side is that most of the artistes even ask for free works when it comes to music promo, forgetting that the blogger also uses moneyto buy data to work, and servicing his website regularly.We believe most of the Ghanaian artistes are undergrounds, but the hustle they pass through to record a song, should also be the same way they have to pass through to promote their music. They also need to build a good relationship with bloggers and they won’t also fail them.
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