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Young lady dies after performing popular “One Corner” dance

The death has been reported of a young lady who took part in the viral “One Corner” dance after she was believed to have had a seizure in the Central Region of Ghana.


According to an eye witnesses’ report, the young lady who is believed to be in her early twenties continued to twitch on the floor long after the ‘crazy’ dance was over and met her untimely death eventually.


According to family members of the young lady, she was believed to have had a medical condition which had seizures as one of its symptoms. The young lady is said to have ignored her medical condition and joined in on the “one Corner” dance with a group of people.


It is reported that the young lady fell unconscious and lost her life after being attacked by the seizure as a result of the vigorous movement entailed in dancing to the “One Corner” song.

The song which is known to have been produced by Patapaa has slowly become a national sensation and has come to be associated with a vigorous dance which requires one to locate a secluded part of the environment and rigorously shake his or her body.

Many celebrities including Shatta Wale, Emelia Brobbey and Akyere Bruwaa have in their own way endorsed the song and have joined in on the dance frenzy.

Many videos have been recorded and uploaded on social media showing people from all walks of life dancing in the most bizarre ways to the song which has arguably become a very popular song.

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