Young So Claims Ruff & Smooth Are ‘So Humble’

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Young So

The 21-year-old rapper – who had a crush on Ahuofe Patri – has claimed that Ahkan and Bullet dubbed Ruff n Smooth are much more modest than they have widely perceived to be.

He shared: “If you sit down with them, they are calm and tolerant. The best part about them is that they are so humble. They’re not cocky when you sit down with them. They want to hear everything you have to say.”

Young So said it was a “pleasure” for him to contact them for a collaboration song. He admitted: “Lord knows they are one of the biggest artists you can work with in our generation and they are one of the people who help uprising artiste to showcase their talents. I’ve had a relationship since then. For them not even signing me, they are still helping me with my project, I feel like only real people do stuff like that. “Usually if it’s someone you don’t pay, they’re like, ‘OK, you didn’t pay me.

I can’t help you with nothing. ‘So for Ruff n Smooth to still help, that’s a blessing.” The ‘T3nt3l3but33l3’ star also revealed his relationship with Ruff n Smooth will remain unchanged, despite him being in another region.

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