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Young So & Kalybos Who Wins Ahuofe Patri – Dawn ODG

Kalybos vrs Young So

I really love it when People find love and try to do everything possible to keep real. Well I must confess, I am a true fan of the “Boys Kasa” Series which I know most people love it.

I read this story ‘Young So composes a song for Ahoufe Patri online. I listened very close to the lyrics of the song and was very nice piece but it was like “huh” more than sarkodie could scream his huuhh ……

I thought kalibos is the only boss over Ahuofe Patri but here comes another boss Young So, who is also claiming that he really loves Ahoufe Patri.

I know Ahuofe Patri have heard several proposals but Young So has come in different way and going to an extent composing a song for Patricia.

But one thing that borders my mind is it going to be all that easy because from rumour source I know Ahoufe Patri is there with Kalibos.

Though, A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love but can Young So win Ahuofe Patri?


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